The JSN Women's Webinar
Sun May 24 2020, from 9:10 am
Join us for our annual JSN Women's Webinar! We are privileged to hear from Mrs. Chaya Levine from Jerusalem as our Keynote speaker on the topic of "Emerging Stronger: Embracing and Adapting to Change".
All participants will automatically be entered into a raffle!
Please try to sign up before May 19. We are trying to arrange a gift for you in advance of the Seminar.
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  • Sunday
    May 24
  • 9:10amMeet and Greet
  • 9:30amEmerging Stronger
    • Group the 2 simultaneous sessions
    • 10:15amExploring the Anatomy of Change Through the Personalities in Megillat Ruth
    • 10:15amHow to Breakthrough and not Breakdown
    • Group the 2 simultaneous sessions
    • Show the 3 simultaneous sessions3 ▼︎
    • 11:00am
      Recovering from Tragedy: Learning from the Responses of Rabbinic Giants