GRE@T-PIONEeR Workshop
Thu November 18 2021, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
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  • Thursday
    Nov 18
  • 9:00amWelcome & Introduction
  • 9:15amKeynote from Callum Thomas about the workforce in the nuclear industry (CEO, Thomas Thor associates)
  • 9:45amPresentation of first outcomes of the GRE@T-PIONEeR project : skills and expertise expectations from the nuclear industry for job applicant, overview of the different curricula available and of the different innovative teaching methods
  • 10:30amInnovative teaching methods : the example of computer games by Frédéric Fol Leymarie, Goldsmiths University of London
  • 11:00amCoffee Break
  • 11:15amLive workshop with participants ; Discussing active learning – benefits, challenges and implementation
  • 12:15pmPresentation of results
  • 12:45pm

Event details

This workshop aims at sharing findings from the first activities of GRE@T-PIONEeR, from expectations of nuclear professionals of young graduates to an assessment of the current curriculum available and the innovative teaching methods used nowadays. Thanks to the different presentations, this workshop will propose to elaborate a methodology to transfer one innovative method presented to the nuclear sector, with the active participation of the attendees.