30 min with Hannah Scobie - 9th June 2022
jeu. 9 juin 2022, à 09:00
Thierry Drilhon, President of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Pr. Hannah Scobie, Chairman of the European Economics & Financial Centre and Professor of Economics at the University of London, for an exclusive interview for the Cross-Channel Institute.
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Détails de l'évènement

Professor Scobie graduated from the London School of Economics and received a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Has been serving as Chairman of the European Economics & Financial Centre and Professor of Economics at the University of London..
Has published numerous books and articles in the field of economics and finance. Among them are:, “Treasury and Debt Management”, “The Behaviour of the Euro versus other Currencies”, “Causes and Determinants of Movements in Bilateral Exchange Rates”, “Structural Changes in Pension Funds”, “Enlargement of the European Union and the Treaty of Nice”, “Economic Indicators & Monetary Policy Decisions”, “Alternative Measures of Inflation”, “Transmission of Monetary Policy”, “Monetary Policy at Close to Zero Interest Rate” and “Exiting the EU: Challenges Lying Ahead”.
Has been advisor to the European Commission and many governments on a variety of economics and financial projects. Has advised the US Government on the relationship of taxation and attraction of foreign investment, the UK Parliament on the implication of European Monetary Union for Britain, etc.
Completed two major projects commissioned by the International Securities Markets Association (later renamed International Capital Markets Association) working with some 900 banks globally on the preparations for the transition to the euro; and subsequently on the implication of the euro on the fixed income market.
Has been a member of the Market Practices Committee of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA).
Has been a member of the International Advisory Board, of a University in Sweden  called
(Blekinge Institute of Technology).
Developed a new scheme for employment generation entitled
Work Ticket: a Profit-sharing Scheme for Employment and Growth