Thu September 29 2022, 9:30 am – Fri September 30 2022, 1:00 pm
This conference explores reforms in multilevel governance of public goods at worldwide, European and national levels so as to develop academically innovative research and concrete policy proposals. The commitment to sustainable development requires clarification of how Europe should respond to pressing societal challenges.
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Event details

Thursday, 29 September 2022
Part I: Leadership and transnational governance failures
9.30-9.45: Armin Steinbach (HEC Paris): Welcome address 
9.45-10.10: Peter Altmaier (German Minister of Economy and Environment 2012-2021): EU leadership for multilevel governance of transnational public goods? Lessons from climate change mitigation, trade governance and the security crises
10.10-10.35: Merit E. Janow (Columbia University): US leadership for multilevel governance of transnational public goods?
10.35-11.00: Pascal Lamy (Chair, Paris Peace Forum): Multilateralism or polylateralism?
11.00-11.25: John W.H. Denton (Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce): Business perspective on transnational ‘governance failures’
11.25-11.45: Coffee Break
11.45-13.00: Discussion with panelists (Altmaier, Janow, Lamy, Denton) moderated by Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (EUI Florence)
13.00-14.00: Lunch break at Le Château, HEC Paris
Part II: Environmental constitutionalism for climate change mitigation?
14.00-14.20: Erin Daly (Delaware Law School): Does ‘environmental constitutionalism’ offer realistic policy options for improving UN environmental law and governance? A US perspective
14.20-14.40: Christian Egenhofer (EUI Florence): EU and US Leadership for UN climate change mitigation policies?
14.40-15.30: Discussion
15.30-16.00: Coffee Break
16.00-16.20: Christina Eckes (University of Amsterdam): Governance failures in court: How litigation constitutionalises norms on climate change mitigation?
16.20-16.30: Lu Xiankun (Ledeco Geneva): Chinese leadership for climate change mitigation?
16.30-16.50: Yukari Takamura (University of Tokyo): Japanese and Asian Leadership for Climate Change Mitigation?
16.50-17.45: Discussion
Dinner - upon invitation: Le Château, HEC Paris, dinner speech by Martin Schäfer (ministre plénipotentiaire de l'ambassade d'Allemagne)
Friday, 30 September 2022
Part III: Multilevel governance of public goods and systemic rivalries
09.00-09.20: Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (EUI Florence): Multilevel Constitutionalism for Multilevel Governance of Public Goods? (Dis)Agreements on Transnational Governance 
09.20-09.40: Elaine Fahey (University of London): The Future of Trans-Atlantic Governance Cooperation
09.40-10.00: Henry Gao (Singapore University): The Future of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia
10.00 - 10.45: Discussion 
10.45-11.00: Coffee Break
Part IV: Rule of law in world trade and investments: precondition for sustainable development?
11.00-11.20: Peter van den Bossche (University of Bern): Proposals for overcoming the WTO Appellate Body Crisis
11.20-11.40: Maria Laura Marceddu (EUI Florence): EU and UNCTAD Proposals for reforming investor-state arbitration
11.40-12.00: James Flett (European Commission): EU Proposals for WTO-consistent Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms
12.00-13.00: Discussion
13.00: Lunch
End of conference
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