Workshop TindAIR
Wed November 10 2021, from 2:00 pm
We are delighted to invite you to the first TindAIR Workshop.

This event is an opportunity to discover the scope of the project, its main objectives and to get some insights about the demonstrations planned for 2022. Every presentation will be followed by a Question & Answers session, an occasion to discuss about your concerns and to let us know your remarks.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in Urban Air Mobility.
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About TindAIR
TindAIR is a SESAR Joint Undertaking project that will operate a series of large-scale demonstrations to show the safe integration of Urban Air Mobility as additional airspace user. The project will particularly address the issue of deconfliction as a U-space service.
The TindAIR partners will operate a series of demonstrations covering a range of representative and operational user cases and featuring a combination of manned and unmanned aircraft. Operational scenarios will address existing urban needs or compelling use cases, from medical emergency transport to a mix of freight and passenger flights, including extreme cases like sector saturation capacity and emergency landing. And all this using aircraft of various types and capacities with varying levels of automation, all sharing the same volume of airspace. Foreseen for 2022, the TindAIR demonstrations will take place in the suburban - urban areas of the French cities of Toulouse and Bordeaux, and will focus on strategic and tactical assistance to conflict detection and resolution. The project will also address other issues such as security & safety, and social acceptance.