Feminized Hemp Seeds: How to Germinate
Sat November 30 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Looking to start your own successful hemp farm to take advantage of soaring demand?

If so, you'll need to start with feminized hemp seeds. Seeds are the most important variable in the equation for bountiful harvest. Our team of dedicated cultivation experts will walk you through their step by step process for germinating feminized hemp seeds with a whopping success rate over 90%!

Get your ticket today to learn the best techniques for germinating feminized hemp seeds like a pro!
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General Admission

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We've been growing successful hemp farms for over 20 years, and know exactly what it takes to bring your crop from start to bountiful finish.
It all starts with premium feminized hemp seeds that have great genetics.
Once you have your seeds you'll neeed to understand how to scale up your germination of the hemp seeds. Germinating 5-10 seeds is one ting, but how is it done when you need to germinate 5,000?
In this online event, we'll discuss exactly how to prepare for mass germination and enjoy success rates well aove 80%-90%!
We'll also give you tips and tricks we've learned along the way to maximize yields each crop, including:
- Soil and nutrient techniquese to make your plants pop!
- Harvesting processes that minimize waste and maximize profits.
- Which feminized hemp seed strains to choose for reliable results every time.
- How to properly handle extreme weather conditions to ensure you don't lose your entire investment.
- How to properly care for your plants at scale, and which processes to avoid.
- Pest infestation abatement processes we've used in the past to avoid disastrous outcomes fast!
- What to do when you have a crop's worth of flower but few buyers looking for what you produced.
- How to ensure your plants don't test "hot" when the regulators come to test your field for THC levels.
You'll also get to enjoy a full live question and answer session after the presentation to fill any knowledge gaps you might have before you get started with your germination at scale.
Stay tuned for more updates as the date approaches and be sure to get your seeds ready to go before we start!